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LinkedIn Enumeration with InSpy 3.0

InSpy: Welcome to InSpy 3.0 With InSpy 3.0 we decided to go back to the drawing boards and focus on what InSpy does best, gather employee information. We improved its core functionality and automated it as much as possible to the point that consultants no longer need to research an organization’s domain or email…

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Identify Compromises With Pastepwnd

Pastepwnd: Introduction Pastepwnd is a python based script to identify compromises in domains or emails using HIBP and Hacked Emails API calls. Pastepwnd has the ability to output compromises to screen or to an HTML file including links to the pastes containing the raw data. Using Pastepwnd Before use, use python’s pip to install…

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Domain Administrator in 17 seconds

Introduction Obtaining domain administrative privileges on a security assessment is a goal that many consultants desire. It is what fills us with excitement, as we know that the real fun is about to begin. After several assessments of crunching and spending time obtaining domain administrator privileges I decided I wanted to expedite this process. CredCrack…

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