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Domain Administrator in 17 seconds

Introduction Obtaining domain administrative privileges on a security assessment is a goal that many consultants desire. It is what fills us with excitement, as we know that the real fun is about to begin. After several assessments of crunching and spending time obtaining domain administrator privileges I decided I wanted to expedite this process. CredCrack…

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Installing MinGW (gcc, g++) on Kali Linux to Compile Windows Code

Introduction It is possible to compile windows code natively in Kali using MinGW compiler and Wine. While MinGW comes already installed and configured for users in Backtrack, it does not in Kali. Let’s go over how to install and configure MinGW for Kali and how to use it to compile windows code, but first some…

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Buffer Overflow: Smashing the Stack Tutorial

Introduction Buffer Overflows or stack smashing are common attack vectors. There are numerous tutorials online on how to perform buffer overflows and the theories behind them, but in this example we’ll dive in a little deeper. What you’ll need: VMware or Virtualbox Kali Linux Windows OS (I used Windows 7) Immunity Debugger Vulnerable version of…

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