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Hands on courses with content and real world examples that exceed expectations


Our courses are fun and informative. We have developed hands on exercises, content and real world examples from industry trends, emerging threats and personal experiences.

Students taking the course are called to directly engage and interact using live polls, questions and activities. Courses end with a certification test allowing students the opportunity to get certified and demonstrate their understanding of the materials.

Offensive security
Security awareness

Blue team collaboration

Performing Blue Team Collaboration Drills allow organizations to determine if their personnel and defensive technologies are ready for an attack. When performing the drill, Leap Security consultants are in constant communication with your security team.

Leap Security consultants log activities performed and compare notes with your team to determine what was detected or missed. This process allows the ability to fine tune your defensive technologies.

Blue Team Collaboration Drills


Leap Security Educational and Awareness Courses give students the opportunity to improve their security training. Whether students are taking the Offensive Security or Security Awareness course, we use the latest industry trends along with real world examples to provide the most realistic experience possible. At the end of the course, students may attempt an exam to be certified and demonstrate their security training completion.

What you get

A qualified and friendly project management team to ensure your assessment goes smoothly and is delivered on time.

Industry lead consultants performing assessments. Our consultants are recognized as thought leaders, innovators and some of the best in the industry.

Thorough testing of your systems, people, and physical environments. We perform extensive research and tailor each assessment to your needs.

A deliverable package that is presentable and informative. Our deliverables effectively communicate risk to executive and technical audiences.

We regroup after you had the time to go over the deliverables to review findings and answer questions you may have.

Availability and transparency around the clock. Our friendly staff is always available for questions or knowledge transfer before, during, and after assessments.

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