Attack & Penetration

Adversarial simulations that demonstrate real world risk and improve security

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing an organization tests its defensive technologies, proccesses and personnel to demonstrate levels of risk. Leap Security penetration tests are custom to each organization and delivered by our consultants.

Our penetration tests are tailored, targeted and meant to simulate a real world adversary. Our consultants will take the time to learn what is important to your organization and develop a plan of attacking the most valued and well protected information.

Network Penetration Testing
Web Application
Wireless Security Assessments

Social Engineering

The most leveraged and successful attack vector used by attackers worldwide. Several organizations invest heavily on new technologies but often forget to test personnel's security awareness.

Leap Security Social Engineering assessments are all custom and targeted to each orgnaization. Our consultants take the time to learn internal terminology and technologies within your organization prior to crafting and executing scenarios.

Pre-text calling
Spear Phishing Emails
Physical Security Assessments

breach simulation

Organizations with mature security programs wanting to test the efficency of their security may engage in a breach simulation assessment. Breach simulation combines all assessments under the Atack and Penetration offerings and removes rules of engagement.

This will provide organization's with a simulation of a nation state or APT attack. These assessments usually last a couple of months, are extremely stealthy, and are meant to bypass all defensive mechanisms.

Breach Simulation


Our proven methodology takes a phased approach to accurately assess our client's environments and security posture. We ensure a thorough analysis of target environments by using a combination of automated and manual testing techniques. We take your network availability and resources very seriously. That's why tools and exploits used are thoroughly tested in our lab prior to being used in the wild.

During an assessment, if we identify a high impact vulnerability we stop and notify you in real-time allowing for immediate action and remediation steps to be taken. Although we are simulating your adversaries, we are consultants first and want to ensure your network's confidentiality.

We encourage communication! We ensure that you are kept informed and are of the assessment progress every step of the way. Our team is fully accessible to you before, during, or after an assessment. Don't be afraid to ask questions, we enjoy knowledge transfer and our consultants are great resources to bounce ideas off of.

Information Gathering
Exploitation and

What you receive

Project Mangement

A qualified and friendly project management team to ensure your assessment goes as planned and is delivered on time.

Industry Lead Experts

Our consultants are recognized as thought leaders, innovators and some of the best in the industry.

Targeted Assessments

The thorough testing of your systems, people, and physical environments. We perform extensive research and tailor each assessment to your needs.

Effective Deliverables

A deliverable package that is presentable and informative. Our deliverables effectively communicate risk to executive and technical audiences.

Review and Discussion

We regroup after you had the time to go over the deliverables to review findings and answer questions you may have.

Full Transparency

Availability and transparency around the clock. Our friendly staff is always available for questions or knowledge transfer before, during, and after assessments.

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